Emerging Stronger: Masterclass

The summit for those who want to thrive.

Imagine, working through your business challenges with leading industry experts Shannon Tipton, Michelle Ockers & Laura Overton … Together we will work together and combine our expertise with the practical insight of our emergent podcast speakers.


Imagine …

6 weeks of working through your business challenges with many of the Emergent Podcast speakers.

Real people who have experienced your issues, ready to jump in and help.

Being part of a lasting community of like-minded people who are dedicated to helping each other emerge and thrive!

Bringing your team would enhance your learning experience. Contact us to work out the details.








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Emergent Podcast hosts Michelle Ockers, Shannon Tipton & Laura Overton, the Emerging Stronger: Masterclass gives learning and development professionals the opportunity to come together to work through issues and identify better solutions to business challenges.

the sessions

What’s Included

6 working sessions over 3 weeks starting 7 April. To make this a truly global experience we will host this series over 3 time zones.

Register for the Emerging Stronger Masterclass

Cost to attend: $799
For additional payment arrangements, please contact us.

Masterclass Scholarships

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to offer a number of full Masterclass Scholarships to progressive Learning Leaders who are unable to contribute to the regular cost of the Masterclass program.

Who should attend?

Am I a Good Fit?

Are you a L&D leader of a large or small organization, or even a department of one, who is in a place to make or influence change in your organization? The Emerging Stronger is the event for you!

Are you responsible for any/all of the following:


Are you an L&D leader who is in a place to make or influence change in your organization?


Are you responsible for the L&D strategic direction?


Do you lead a team, head up a “department of one” or many?


Does L&D support your organization’s strategic direction?


Do you manage a budget, resources, learning technologies or processes?


Are you trying to transform your learning strategy into a learning ecosystem?


Have you built relationships with stakeholders?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, the Emerging Stronger is the event for you!

What's the Benefit?

Ever wish you had access to a group of minds to help you through your biggest challenges? With Emerging Stronger you will have access to not one, but multiple brains to workshop your challenges and gain stronger skills in:


Building stronger business propositions and crafting better business cases


Building stronger stakeholder connections and achieving buy-in faster


Increasing your confidence in new learning approaches, practices and applications


Preparing your team for applying a growth mindset for 2021


Connecting learning to business value and strategic initiatives


Building your personal and teams reputation


Strengthening your voice within your organization

our sponsors

Sponsored By …

“Our decision to partner with Laura, Michelle, and Shannon was an easy one. We champion their drive to share years of research, evidence, and effective practices to enable anyone in learning and development to drive business value, while also creating opportunities to connect practitioners to solve real problems.” …read more

— Go1

“Laura, Michelle and Shannon represent three humble giants within the L&D landscape — the fact they are uniting to deliver this program represents an amazing opportunity for novice and experienced L&D professionals alike. Becoming sponsors was a simple decision and we’re excited that ModelThinkers will help to complement and add to what will no doubt be a transformative experience.”

— Arun Pradhan & Shai Desai. Co-Founders, ModelThinkers.com

“When we saw what Laura and the team were up to, we just had to be part of it. There is so much experience within Clients and Partners and there has never been a more urgent need to harness and share it as a collective – we’re in.”

— Andrea Miles, BestAtDigital.com

“The Emerging Stronger program is an opportunity to participate in transformational collaboration with a set of global thought-leaders and a community of colleagues. It makes good sense that this will unfold in a series of inspirational live online masterclasses, being both accessible and inclusive. I’m privileged to be partnering in creating this valuable learning experience.” …read more

— Cheryle E. Walker

Set Your Calendars!

Cost to attend: $799
For additional payment arrangements, please contact us.

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