Emerging Stronger

The Emerging Stronger mission is to empower L&D professionals to take the BOLD action needed to positively impact business.

The Emerging
Stronger Team …

Emerging Stronger draws upon the experience of Michelle Ockers, Shannon Tipton & Laura Overton. Using the collective wisdom and support of a community of progressive L&D leaders.

Our mission is to educate and engage L&D leaders and equip them to take action to transform learning and emerge stronger from the current disruption.

Make this a breakthrough year for you as a L&D Leader for your team and your organization by looking at problems and opportunities in a fresh way to make change happen and drive business value.

Why Emerging Stronger?


Be a better L&D leader.


Be an L&D leader who creates business value.


Be an L&D leader with a strong reputation who attracts great talent to your team.


Curating Content with Meaning & Impact

Don’t miss our upcoming event on Sept. 23, Noon CDT …
Ever feel like your curation efforts are like throwing spaghetti at the walls, sometimes the content sticks, sometimes it doesn’t? The issue for organizations is there is an overabundance of information, with the ability to filter quality an ever-growing issue. Join this webinar to receive a specially designed framework to help you build your curation skills to move beyond simple aggregation to quality and impactful sharing.