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If you love what your business provides to people and want to help L&D leaders achieve bigger goals by connecting learning to business value – then partner with us!

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Webinar of Emerging Stronger content (lessons learned) $2,000 USD

Run any of the four individual Masterclasses for your clients or team (up to 15 people @1.5 hours) price to be negotiated

Your sponsorship will demonstrate your commitment to enabling change in the L&D industry by:

Helping people: Providing for wider participation at a time when many are under financial strain. It will allow people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend to join us and build on their learning leadership skills.

Helping businesses: Bringing awareness to the Emerging Stronger Masterclass, you will be enabling L&D leaders to impact change, emerge stronger and add deliberate value to their businesses.

Helping the industry: Supporting the Emerging Stronger community to continue beyond the masterclass period, allowing progressive L&D leaders to stay connected and help each other to thrive and fuel industry-wide change.

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